Is selling your home during the holidays a good idea?


I am sure you have heard before that the holidays may not be the best time to sell your home. Many people even take their homes off the market during the holidays.  Entertaining family, out of town guests, holiday celebrations and your realtor calling for a showing in the midst of this chaos may not be on your top list of things to do this holiday season.

However, market inventory is tight and eager buyers do not always take a break, in fact many have more time to look during the holidays.  In today’s competitive market, your property entering the market or remaining on the market gives you an edge over those not willing to be inconvenienced.

Furthermore, throwing an open house under the guise of a holiday party gives your property a chance to “SHINE”.  Parties complete with special gifts, holiday entertainment, themed catering and wine, New Year themes with champagne and hors d’oeuvres are a great way to draw attention to your property. People are generally in more of a festive mood around this time of year and a party will attract their attention.  Inviting not just your Realtor’s colleagues and contacts but you, as the homeowner, have friends to invite and you may not know that they are in the market or they may work with someone or know someone who is in the market to buy.  This gives them a chance to see your home in its best light.

Emotions play a big role in buying a home, A buyer needs to “fall in love” and the holidays give you a chance to show off your homes features in a warm, festive way.  Instead of a cold empty property or the perfectly staged setting, they get the warm feeling of HOME among friends and family, seeing all the decorations and possibilities your property has to offer.  An apple pie baking in the oven, a Christmas tree lit in the corner, holiday music playing in the background; Hanukkah decorations around the home, potato latkes with apple sauce and sour cream for guests to enjoy; a family BBQ featuring a patio or deck so guests can enjoy Florida’s perfect “winter” weather lets potential buyers imagine enjoying the same celebrations with their own families.

Just remember, less is more, tasteful decorations and non-offensive surroundings are always the best option.  A clean, well-organized property is better than a cluttered home.  If storage is limited, do not draw attention to that with toys in the living room or by cluttering the visible areas of the home.  You definitely want buyers to be able to see themselves there in a home with possibilities for growth, not a home that the owner has outgrown.

Remember, right now, flexibility is a key factor.  People are busy during the holidays but if you make it available to be shown, you will have a corner on the current market.

Best of luck and please call me for your FREE comparative home analysis and to hear what my team can do to market your home and get it sold!