Real Estate Love at First Sight

As Valentine’s Day approaches, learn how tips from your love life can be used to sell your house in no time!

If your home is on the market this Valentine’s Day, your focus might be less on flower arrangements, chocolate, or a hot date, and more on making buyers fall in love with your home. Luckily there’s no need to stress it. Selling a home has more in common with falling in love than you think. You can woo buyers by following some very simple (and familiar) dating guidelines.

First Impressions

Pictures are often the first impressions buyers have of your property. People browse for homes much like they would browse through profiles on a dating site. If a person’s picture is blurry, poorly lit, taken at a bad angle, or just altogether unflattering, it is much easier to dismiss it and move on to other options. That person could have amazing features and be great on the inside but is overlooked because of how they have presented themselves.

Just like your profile on a dating site, give your home a chance to shine and create that attraction! Like an expensive haircut or a brand new suit, plan on spending a little extra money ($200-$300) on a professional photographer that can really capture your home in its best light. Though it might feel like a waste of money, when your home gets snatched up, it will seem like a no-brainer.

Dress to Impress

While sweatpants and a t-shirt might seem perfect for an ideal night at home, you might want to reconsider if you’re going out for a night on the town. Chances are you’re going to want to freshen up, slip into something more elegant and dressy, style your hair nicely and complete the look with some tasteful accessories. The same goes for your home. If you’re putting your property on sale, it might be time to make some updates: apply a bright coat of paint to your walls, fix minor damages to doors and windows, replace that dingy carpet, spruce up your yard by investing in simple landscaping. These things will go a long way to impress potential buyers and show that you have invested time and care into your home. Little changes can easily put you on the right track for a big sale.

Say More With Less

Every home takes on a unique personality, forged by the memories that have been made inside it. It takes on the qualities of the owners and their loved ones whether through crayon drawings on the fridge, family photos on the mantle, trophies and medals displayed in a cabinet. It’s only normal to want to see yourself reflected in your home, but displaying too many personal items at an open house might keep buyers from being able to visualize themselves in your home, which could hurt your chances to sell. Like picking out the perfect outfit for a date, if you keep the look simple and focus on a few key features, the beauty underneath will speak for itself!

Trusting Your Partner

Many seek out the help of an agent when selling a home due to their expertise and knowledge.

The qualifications for your perfect real estate agent can be the same you’re looking for in the perfect mate.

A great agent will treat you with respect and care, share everything with you (good and bad), be friendly and responsible, and have a good head when it comes to money. They will be honest with you and not shy away when you ask the hard questions. They will encourage communication and give you the thorough attention you deserve.

If an agent seems distant or careless, hard to get in contact with, seems like they’re withholding information from you, or only seems like they’re in it for the money, this might be a sign that you’re with the wrong person. Go with your gut. If it’s not working out, it’s time to ditch them for someone who is going to devote their passion and energy to helping you achieve your dreams.


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