Colee Hammock


The historic and charming community of Colee Hammock didn’t happen by chance. Purchased in the 1900s by Mary Brickell with the vision of turning it into a high-end neighborhood, Mary platted the stylish area and named it after her friend, an engineer, called James Colee. Only three streets North and a few streets south of Las Olas Boulevard, Colee Hammock is characterized by its inspiring architecture, narrow streets, and its matriarchal oak canopy.

The architecture reflected in Colee Hammock is a combination between Old-Florida flavor and Mediterranean-style. However, the area west of 16th avenue is zoned for multi-family which has allowed the evolution of this part of the neighborhood into new townhomes threatening the historic feel of Colee Hammocks. The Colee Hammock’s homeowners association is actively promoting through different events the historic value of the neighborhood to other residents with the goal of protecting the essence of its foundation.

Residents of Colee Hammocks can enjoy walking distance to elegant restaurants, shows and the active nightlife in Las Olas Boulevard. Of course there are also many options to satisfy the residents’ every day needs such as dry-cleaning, pharmacy and even a farmers market on Sundays.


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