Wilton Manors


Wilton Manors was an up-and-coming exclusive residential development in 1926 with all the elegance and grace that E.J. Willingham wanted to build. But just like many other areas in Fort Lauderdale, the hurricane and the great depression put a stop to any construction plans that Willingham had in mind. The island of 300 residents wasn’t formed until after 1947, and it was given its state charter six years later by the state officially making it “Wilton Manors”.

Within years after its incorporation, new developments started to appear within the city and building lots going for about $3,000 attracted many. Wilton boulevard, then, changed its name to Wilton Drive and more business were attracted the area. Today, the constantly changing community is one of the most diverse in all of south Florida with one of the highest gay and lesbian populations in the country.

Today, Wilton Manors is a city within the city of Fort Lauderdale which is already unique in nature. In addition, it is surrounded by water which many call her “Island City.” In its transition to a fluent community, new developments, like Wilton Station, stated to appear as replacement for trailer parks and industrial sites. Others like the Island City Loft bring a contemporary look to the thriving city of Wilton Manors. All these newer construction is necessary to satisfy the 13,000 residents that the city has today. A variety in styles and construction is represented throughout the city with some homes conserving their original styles and new two-story homes in adjacent lots.

Wilton Manors offers residents and visitors great entertainment, fine dining, and a great deal of parks and open space with recreational activities like canoeing, paddle boarding, and kayaking among many others. Whether you are looking to enjoy nature, shopping or night entertaining, Wilton Manors is the perfect place to call home.

wilton-manors-signCoral Estates

Central Wilton Manors and Wilton Drive

Eastside Wilton Manors

Westside Wilton Manors

Lazy Lake 

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